{monthly mix tape} road nostalgia august

AUG Mixtape

I was a big-time commuter in LA before moving closer to work and public transportation options. While I can’t say that I miss having a car, I do miss the long periods of time when it was just me and my music. There’s something about driving that makes everything sound and feel better, isn’t there? To satisfy my driving nostalgia I decided to create a playlist of songs from my college days to now that would make me smile, bob my head, and cheer me up even in the worst of traffic jams. That’s why there’s 17 tracks instead of the usual 10 ;)
Click here or the sidebar player to tune in. Enjoy!
1    Patient Patient   The Morning Benders
2    Turn on Me   The Shins
3    Benny and the Jetts   TV Girl
4    Haiti   Arcade Fire
5    I Can Go   White Arrows
6    Home   Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
7   Ocean Breathes Salty  Modest Mouse
8   Awake  Electric Guest
9   Get It Together   Go! Team
10   Let’s Call Ig Off (Single Mix)  Peter Bjorn & John
11   Emergency Call   Matt Costa
12   Disco Friends   Just Jack
13   Cause=Time   Broken Social Scene
14   The Bucket   Kings of Leon
15   Long Distance Call  Phoenix
16   City Sky  Thao Nguyen
17  Out of Tune  Real Estate
(image: LA by freeway by Ana Maria Munoz)
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5 thoughts on “{monthly mix tape} road nostalgia august

    • woah thanks lady! so sweet of you. I was always so bad a chain mails but i’ll try to sneak it in soon. glad you’re loving the mix!

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    • Yay so glad it helped you get crafty! love your recent trip to the Chinese market, great way to travel for an hour or two ;)

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