re-style your wireless internet router {diy}

router book cover diy
router book cover diyrouter book cover diy
router book cover diy router book cover diy

In order to receive wi-fi signal throughout the rest of the flat, our router must be placed in a prominent location of the living room. This diva signal initially left us with an eyesore of an ugly, blinking light box and I hated it. I did everything I could to camouflage it by setting picture frames and flower-filled vases in front of it.

One day, after I had complained enough about it, Joe had the brilliant idea to cover it with a book. Heellooo….yes, so obvious and so perfect! A few days later he came home with a vintage book he bought for 50p (cents) and got to work with his trusty blade. It took less than a minute to cut the pages out and bend the spine to widen the overall fit. Once the cover was placed over the router I saw the true brilliance of Joe’s idea – simple, practical, and effective. He was definitely onto a new tech/decor trend of using books to make necessary gadgets feel a bit more homey.  Anyone think they’ll give this a try?

On a more sentimental note – are you wondering what the writing and clippings inside the book are? Apparently one of the previous owners, Maud Harbin, had a true love of gardens. When I took a look at the book for the first time I almost refused using it for the project. But since we can’t hold onto everything, I compromised by spending some time flipping through it and photographing my favorite parts.

This book was a gift to her and in it she wrote lists of her favorite flowers, plants, trees and saved paper clippings with quotes and garden-related news. I fell in love with the energy of the book. Yes it is titled “California Gardens”, but you could almost feel how precious this was to her, how much time she spent reading through the pages, carefully curating her own lists and adding her own notes. My favorite find was a hand-written quote on the inside of the back cover that reads “winter cannot dim the glow of the garden.” No ma’am it cannot. Thank you for the inspiration, Maud … and for covering the ugly blinking box.

vintage book
vintage book
vintage book
vintage book
vintage book
vintage book

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97 thoughts on “re-style your wireless internet router {diy}

  1. this is more than perfect! thank you soooo much for sharing, it’s a brilliant solution. next time i’m in a charity shop i’ll be on the lookout for a cute book to go with the ugliness that is our router. ours currently has a cute lamp on top to try to mask it, but this will go a long way to make it awesome!

    and hello from a fellow londoner that still feels like a tourist most days!

    • Thanks for saying hello! I’ll have to follow your excursions and get some tips on this awesome city. Glad you like the idea and that you can use that cute lamp for something else!

  2. Oh, how I love Maud’s quote and all of her little notes….what a fantastic keepsake that’s also awesomely functional! I KNOW we have at least one book around here that will do the trick….thanks for sharing!


  3. this is definatly a great idea! you should add more books on top to hide the antenna. love the vintage camera too! fyi found this on pinterest. be prepared for more blog followers :)

  4. What an absolutely FABULOUS idea for the router – I’m doing this! Much better than its current location (hiding under a dresser collecting dust). Thanks :-)

  5. This is absolutely brilliant!!! I also love looking @ old books & the notes that she wrote were beautiful & give sssooo much insight into her as a person….& her penmanship is as beautiful as the flowers she planted!!! What a lost art!!! That is something that makes me incredibly sad that kids won’t learn the beauty of font!!! Thank you for sharing this!!!

  6. What a BRILLIANT solution! I am beyond impressed. Within the next month or so, our computer will be moving to the front room in our house–and I’ve been trying to figure out how to “pretty” it up a bit ;-) This is definitely something I want to remember!

  7. I can’t believe you destroyed an (almost) 100 year old book with that much unique personal history in it just to hide your router. You could have chosen anything. Very sad

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  13. The wrap will insulate the router, preventing heat dissipation. This will cause the router to overheat. Pretty router, but it will result in bad Internet. Remember to remove the cover before the engineer comes to fix the broken connection. Best not to mention it either.

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  15. Brilliant idea but Errrm….. The heat dissipation? It was 44 degree C here today and I don’t think my router will survive this heat if I cover it with a book. :)

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  17. This is a pretty terrible idea.

    It may do the job of hiding the router but you’ll either break your router or burn your home down in the process. Electronics need to freely breath or else they will overheat and break. This will cause the device to get needlessly hot, shorten its lifespan, and set the book cover on fire if it gets hot enough.

    If you’re truly worried about how the router looks (which is a perfectly fine worry), get a different router. Something like the Apple Airport Extreme is quite nice for a few reasons– 1) it doesn’t look half bad (simple white rounded box), 2) It has a single dim green light that doesn’t blink unless there’s a problem, 3) there’s no antenna to worry about, and 4) you can place it in a well ventilated cabinet and it still works beautifully.

    • And I’m not trying to sound like a jerk by saying it’s a terrible idea. It’s a clever solution to a problem we all have, it’s just one that best case scenario will seriously shorten the lifespan of your electronics and worst case scenario burn your house down.

    • You could easily add spacers on the top and bottom to let air circulate. Overheating was my first concern when I saw this clever solution, but the fix is easy.

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  23. a signed 1923 book?? really??? I think I’d rather cut up a current best seller (at least it would be replaceable) the idea is great, but the choice of books to gut …not good.

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  28. If you have a handheld (and tiny) saw, you could cut book pages to fit, with an opening on the page edge to slide the wires through…..I’m eyeing the ancient, gargantuan dictionary I used through high school and college as a potential charger holder, sitting on a shelf in one of my bookcases, with all of the wires behind the bookcase and plugged into a power strip.

    • Neat idea.. in terms of design anyway… do you like your house? ’cause it will likely catch fire from your router disguise… not a good idea!

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  30. Looks great! Creative Idea!
    Just don’t have me over to your house as a guest. I tend to pick up books that lay around when visiting, They make such a good conversation starter. Especially single books, as they indicate someone currently reading the book. I guess I might have a bit of a surprise with this one :-)

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  36. Just make sure that it doesn’t cover any vents of the router as that could kill the router rather quickly. We had to buy three or four routers (They got fried from the heat they made) until we found one that had proper cooling and put it in a place where it could be cooled properly. Another option is to get another antenna that can plug into the antenna port in place of the little antenna. That way, you can hide the box somewhere and disguise the antenna by wrapping it up in ribbon or painting it so it can’t be seen or doesn’t stand out like an eyesore.

  37. Be careful with approaches like this. Wireless routers are known to overheat and by covering the vents you might exacerbate this issue. So keep an eye on where your router vents and make sure not to cover them up. Also if you find you need to reboot the router you might be better off buying a better router you can just hide in a closet or someplace less prominent.

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  41. What an horrible horrible idea, by worsening the air rotation of the device you can potentially face a Fire or at minimun the modem or router will go bonkers because of the internal heat. DO NOT DO THIS.

  42. This is a fire hazard waiting to happen. NOT LIKE THIS! Modern routers (especially ones with firewalls etc. features that require processing power) will definitely overheat if put into a container such as this. Try putting your iPhone into a closed container and see how long till it shuts down. DO NOT DO THIS!

  43. Just repeating the same thing as the people above:

    QUITE a fire hazard. It’s nice to have a nicely decorated apartment – before it burns down.
    I hope everyone who tries this has helluva insurance deal.

  44. I tried this and my A-Link router started smoking after a day of being “restyled”. I’m glad I was there and not at work as it was pretty hot. DO NOT TRY THIS unless you want to burn your house. Cost me an expensive router, now I need to get someone that knows about tech stuffs to point me to the right direction on buying a new router…

  45. I really, really have to say, having been a cable broadband customer servant and salesman, this could be a really dangerous idea. I have personally recieved many modems and routers which were kept in inadequate ventilation and they had _melted_. It’s really dangerous to do this. And even putting spacers between it isn’t fool proof, electronic devices may catch fire and they should really not be near flammable materials.

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  47. Everyone here with their two cents… a router will never catch fire. If it overheats, it locks up and stops broadcasting. I’ve worked for a cable/phone/internet provider and with routers and cable modems, when they overheat they ‘lock up’ or stop responding. After it stops responding, it’s got nothing to heat it up and it can cool down. The pictured router vents to the sides, making this setup effective in their case. If you did place a router in a closed book then you could just prop the cover open if it starts locking up but most of you have these in your AIR CONDITIONED HOME and thus this a pointless worry. If the book *has* to be closed then you can drill passive vent holes into the cover. You could actually crimp a fan on an RJ-45 jack and power it over Ethernet, or piggie-back it into the AC Adapter of the router. Treat electricity with caution: YES! Blindly braying “It’ll burn your house down” like a sheep: NO!

  48. Thanks for sharing, but this could end up quite unsafe. Especially if you leave things like that camera on top. The router (especially the larger ones that get a lot of use) needs to vent excess heat and blocking the vents on top/ the side is really unsafe. At best you’ll be setting off the smoke alarm when the glue between the card and canvas in the book cover starts smoking. Probably not great for your lungs either. Have a read of the fine print in the documentation that came along with the router-any accident caused by this setup will not be covered by its warranty (or your insurance).

  49. While the project worked out beautifully, I do think you committed an act of vandalism destroying a beautiful, much loved book. How could you?

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  52. It truly pains me to see such a wonderful and beautiful book with such a rich and wonderful history be destroyed for something so… trivial and selfish. I have my router hidden BEHIND my bookshelf. Works like a charm. No books destroyed.

    As far as heat dissipation, this setup can cause problems with certain routers. But, unless there is something seriously wrong with your router, it won’t cause a fire.

  53. Wow–how ironic to destroy a book and the post photos of it on a blog to show how much you “love the energy” of it. So, so sad. You didn’t have to keep the book if you don’t want, but I’m sure there are many who would love and use it…as a book…not a vain piece of decor. There are many other less cherished and hostirc books you could have gutted. Sure, a brilliant hack–literally– but certainly one of the worst DIY projects I’ve seen for its utter lack of respect.

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  60. I would not recommend to do this. By doing this your router (or modem) can´t get enough cooling air and it can ultimately catch on fire. And it will definitely shorten your device lifespan.

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  62. You should make one of those book page wreaths with the pages. You make paper flowers out of the pages and ad to a wreath form. I have been seeing them on Pinterest. May be a fitting way to use her gardening book, make flowers….

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  64. Wow, this made me angry enough to actually sign up for an account. Like a few others have said, I can’t believe you would destroy such an important historical text purely for vanity. You say that ‘we can’t hold on to everything’? Hell, then why bother having museums? You may not care about the book or anything that happened pre-1984 but I can guarantee many would and do. Show some respect.

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