{mix tape} stay in november

mix tape november

This month’s mix tape would (and should have) been the soundtrack to this past weekend at home. Wake up, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, plop onto the sofa, read a book, do some light chores, plop back onto the sofa, read some more….you get the picture. It’s a little mellow and a little up beat, enjoy it as things wind down for the holiday season.

Click here or the sidebar player to tune in. Happy listening!

1   In My Dreams    Eels
2   Cubism Dream    Local Natives
3   Two Doves    Dirty Projectors
4   Jailer    Asa
5   The General Specific     Band of Horses
6   I Got You Babe      Bahamas
7   Troubleman     Electric Guest
8   Wonder Years     Real Estate
9    Live Long      Kings of Convenience
10  Roll On      Dntel

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{monthly mix tape} road nostalgia august

AUG Mixtape

I was a big-time commuter in LA before moving closer to work and public transportation options. While I can’t say that I miss having a car, I do miss the long periods of time when it was just me and my music. There’s something about driving that makes everything sound and feel better, isn’t there? To satisfy my driving nostalgia I decided to create a playlist of songs from my college days to now that would make me smile, bob my head, and cheer me up even in the worst of traffic jams. That’s why there’s 17 tracks instead of the usual 10 ;)
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1    Patient Patient   The Morning Benders
2    Turn on Me   The Shins
3    Benny and the Jetts   TV Girl
4    Haiti   Arcade Fire
5    I Can Go   White Arrows
6    Home   Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
7   Ocean Breathes Salty  Modest Mouse
8   Awake  Electric Guest
9   Get It Together   Go! Team
10   Let’s Call Ig Off (Single Mix)  Peter Bjorn & John
11   Emergency Call   Matt Costa
12   Disco Friends   Just Jack
13   Cause=Time   Broken Social Scene
14   The Bucket   Kings of Leon
15   Long Distance Call  Phoenix
16   City Sky  Thao Nguyen
17  Out of Tune  Real Estate
(image: LA by freeway by Ana Maria Munoz)

{monthly mixtape} beach body june + the leopard me

Untitled Untitled

After sitting poolside for a while we dove into the mock-rattan tepee for a more comfortable place to hide from the sun. Almost immediately I heard Joe say “oh, baby…give me your camera.” He could see what I couldn’t – the new leopard-like me! I was completely covered in the floral/spotted patterns being cast onto the mat. It was so rad.

These are just two of the images from the photo shoot that ensued.  I wasn’t going to share them as I don’t exactly dream of sharing photos of me in a bikini (what up IBTC ladies!) but after giving it some thought I decided that these shadows were too cool for pride, or embarrassment. Besides, I’m practically camouflaged and they are somewhat related to this month’s mix tape: Beach Body June.

I’ve been working out almost every day since we moved and in order to fight the inevitable drag, I made this month’s mix my ultimate motivating, butt-kicking, sweat and burn soundtrack. It’s a mix of electronic, indie and rap beats that starts off mild, gets a little faster, and then mellows for a cool down. If rock is more your style then check out April’s mix – that one can really get me going! What type of music motivates you to get active?

Click here or the sidebar player to tune in. Enjoy!

1  - Ahead Of My Time (feat. Daddy Boastin’)   Teddybears
2 –  Good Time   Crystal Castles
3 – Day ‘N’ Nite (Crookers Remix)   Kid Cudi
4 – Deception   Le Tigre
5 – Shimmy Shimmy Ya   Ol’ Dirty Bastard
6 – Phantom   Justice
7 – Fences (Boombass RMX)  Phoenix
8 – Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win (feat. Santigold)  Beastie Boys & Santigold
9 – Dirty Harry   Gorillaz
10 – This Means You  Talib Kweli


{monthly mixtape} may

may mix tape

We’ve been all over the place this past month so for May’s soundtrack I’m going international and indulging in a bit (or a lot) of wanderlust.  I don’t understand most of the words in the non-English songs but that’s precisely the beauty of music: it doesn’t matter. If you have any fave international beats to share, please do. I’m always excited about new discoveries!

Click here, the image above, or the sidebar player to tune in. Enjoy!

1 –  Asi Asi Asi (feat. Noelia Fernandez)  Atropolis
2 – Ibere  Various Artists
3 - Le Flying Saucer Hat  Chairlift
4 – Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa  Vampire Weekend
5 - Yellow World  J Girls
6 - Amsterdam  Peter Bjorn & John
7 - St. Petersburg  Brazilian Girls
8 - Imik Si Mik  Hindi Zahra
9 - Map Jim Noir
10 - Pacific Theme Broken Social Theme

 (image: taken at Vanves Flea Market, Paris)


monthly mixtape

Mellow March Mixtape

Happy March everyone!

To get us through the last stretch of winter I thought I’d put together some of my favorite mellow-ish, upbeat tunes. It’s already coming in handy for me since I woke up feeling under the weather today. Good beats = good mood and hopefully that makes for a healthy me tomorrow.

Click here, the image above, or the sidebar player to tune in. Enjoy!

1  - Collarbone Fujiya & Miyagi
2 –  The 15th  Fischerspooner
3 – Freedom  Jurassic 5
4 - Animal  (Mark Ronson Remix) Miike Snow
5 – Airwalker Jeremy Jay
6 – I‘m Good, I’m Gone  Lykke Li
7 – Evident Utensil Chairlift
8 – Edge of Extremes Clubfeet
9 – Disco Friends Just Jack
10 – Fair-Weather Friend (Ninja Tune’s Mix by Mr Scruff)

 (image: taken in the east end, london)

feel good february :: mini-mixtape

feel good february :: mix-tape

February has gotten off to a great start so I thought I’d make a mini-mixtape to keep the good vibes going. I made the mix on 8tracks, a (new to me) service that lets you create playlists from your own personal music library. The thing that I love most about it is that you can’t preview the tracks – it’s actually like a real mixtape when you just go with it. I’ve found some great mixes from other users and I really do enjoy the element of surprise.

Anyhow, I think that moving forward I’ll create one mix every month instead of posting weekly brilliant beats. I always intend to make playlists for myself but never get around to it so this will be good motivation.  If you dig what you hear – awesome. If you hate my taste in tunes, well, it will only be once per month so hopefully I don’t scare you away ;)

Here’s the track list for Feel Good February. You’ll notice that most of the titles have a love, relationship, or celebration theme but I promise that they’re not mushy songs. They’re more likely to make you tap your toes to the beat or force you into a shoulder dance if anything.

1 – Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane) Breakbot
2 – Henny & Gingerale Mayer Hawthorne
3 – Silver Screen Beat Connection
4- Jealous of Roses  Bibio
5 – When They Fight, They Fight The Generationals
6 – Little Secrets Passion Pit
7 – Do You Believe? (Original) Poolside
8 – Walking On a Dream Empire of the Sun
9 – Think I’m In Love Beck
10 – I Want You Back  Discovery

Click the image above or here to listen. Enjoy!

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