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Happy Friday guys! I’m wrapping up the week with the last snaps from our trip to Colombia. Looking over all of these brings a HUGE smile to my face.

From the gorgeously green Coffee region where we indulged in natural thermal hot springs and rode horses through a landscape that looks straight out of Dr. Seuss, to Cartagena where colonial charm oozes out of every nook and cranny inside its old fortress walls.

I feel so lucky to have been able to share a bit of my culture with the friends and family who flew down for the wedding. I can only hope that these photos whet your appetite to go explore Colombia one day, too!

We’re going to do a stay-cation this Saturday. Literally, we’re staying at a hotel two blocks away! We figured that we can’t live in a city with the cheapest five star hotels in the world and not try at least one of them. Have a great weekend!

Oh and if you missed them – check out the dots when you hover over images in this post for captions.

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